Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Two Shows Scheduled for Summer

i'm quite pumped about several things, let me order them.

first-of-which bad boy brian carney whose bachelor pad has long been a stop along the party circuit for everyone i know has volunteered his garage to become a made-over rock and roll venue on july 18 where which we'll be having our debut party.

secondly, rock studs and studette The Pneurotics are backing our move by headlining the party

thirdish, long time FRIENDS stefan and jane are ALSO debuting their new band Knock Out Roses at this show

fourthedly, our second officiale show is on the books for turdsday 8/27 at Metro Cafe in down town raleigh and we are bestowed the honor by management to pick our own bands to play with so SWEET, we get to make more friends and build out a sweet ass show.

fifthton, i have found another pc to download the 30 day trial version of adobe fireworks so for the next month i can make more widgets badges posters graphic doodles and fake id's. with the new found inspiration, i created a show schedule banner for our myspace page and it goes like this:

7/18 SAT (House Party) JBFE DEBUT PARTY w/ The Pneurotics and Knock Out Roses. free & BYOB + kegs. music starts at 8:30. 6825 lake anne dr, raleighwood, nc.
8/27 THR (Metro Cafe) w/ tbd y'all - Metro Cafe is down town raleigh in the little cobble stone village off more square. no cover, $2dollar domestics, huh? music at 9:00.