Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Gear of Note, $420 Worth of Charity, and people asking US to play shows?


three bands, five hours, two kegs, one entire carolina style barbecued pig, and $420 to the the pediatric brain tumor research center charity later, I realized that my yamaha em66 powered mixer with one broken main speaker and a little 200 watt powered monitor were not going to be enough to run diy shows. it sounded ok but OK ain't good enough. you'll find in the left side of the image above a brand spankin new tapco 400 watt powered speaker arrangED in its alpha position as a stage monitor. i fired this up on wednesday when i got it and confirmed that it can go louder than my eye balls can maintain structural integrity through. there is also a nifty front oriented cabinet mic on my peavey, which i have been wanting for ever but never had the spare hundred bucks to throw at it.

so with our show coming up on aug 27, 09 at Metro Cafe in raleigh with Twelve Thousand Armies and Once and Future Kings, my pa will be ripping the fabric space and time in voyage from point "a" to point "your ears."

Speaking of shows, did we get a show invite at The Cave on sunday august 30 from an americana/folk type touring band from philly called The Great Unknown? and did we accept the show and book it? YES I THINK WE DID. so sweet, we got a show at The Cave, word on that.

here is some art to ponder:

created by jimmy rocket
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