Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Open Spots On This Bill

who would like to play this show with us?

The Pickled Onion on strickland road in north raleigh does not have pickled onions what so ever, but they do have the best chicken wings in raleigh per me. i know this because john and i go there after nearly every rehearsal to talk about guitars and mellow. more so when we rehearsed at his place actually, not so much now that we rehearse at dave's place, but still a lot.

so john is there yesterday and got an off-the-cuff invite for our band to set up and play next saturday 9/12, which we accepted. short of the two month standard planning courtesy to book other acts and allow proper promotion, we are just going to let this one happen. its going to be chill and nonchalant with expectations only to have a sweet as time. we need a couple of acts that are down with it so who wants to play this show with us?

Soloists and duos looking for a legit gig are welcome, any of you hot shots with a side project that needs some mic time, this is perfect. send me an e-mail via myspace, facebok, or my gmail as-asap-as-possible if you are interested. jerblar (at) gmail (dt) com

The Pickled Onion
7901 falls of neuse rd

time: 9 PM on saturday 9/12
load-in: 7 PM
we'll supply the PA and mics
free show so we can't pay anybody