Thursday, April 22, 2010

On It Like Sonic - Misbehaved Faves Fest June 5

We're gigging at the rootsy good timing Jack Sprat on Wednesday June 2 with a currently un-announced band DEALIN'! A few days later on June 5 we're playing a sweet hot and awesome show at The Pinhook. Five charity bucks at the door is BarroN, Beloved Binge, Bitterman, Blood Red River, Bobbys Fever, Scientific Superstar, Sequoya, Somerset Frisby, The Mighty Good Ship, and The Virgo 9 ++ Jeremy Blair From Effingham and saying you were there for the Misbehaved Faves Fest. We scored an invite with the caveat that Bonnie duets "I Do and I Don't" with us again...twist my arm Kim the answer is YES! That's not all, we're putting two stages in play at The Pinhook and Hellcat Vixens burlesque troupe shall be performing in and around. ps everyone knows i take pictures anyway right? please don't call it an exception if i burn through a couple sixteen gig memory cards on this one click click click.