Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cleveland County Man Discusses Back Yard Bigfoot Sighting with WRAL News

Video and word-for-word transcription below (trust me, it's that important)

transcript of the preceding sasquatch sighting interview between Mr. Tim Peeler, Cleveland County Sheriff's Deputy Sgt Mark Self, and the WRAL Reporter.

Tim Peeler: "I tried to call em."
WRAL Reporter: "Tim Peeler thought he was calling coyotes."
Tim Peeler: "Instead of them...him."
WRAL Reporter: "He got something that frighten even this self proclaimed mountain man."
Tim Peeler: "This thing was ten foot tall, he had beautiful hair."
Sgt Mark Self: "It scared me."
WRAL Reporter: Sgt Mark Self is a Cleveland County Deputy...didn't see the creature this time."
Sgt Mark Self: "There was a eight to ten foot hairy man looking person."
WRAL Reporter: "But remembers the storys of a sasquatch when he was a kid."
Sgt Mark Self: "Was killing some animals breaking into chicken houses killing chickens."
WRAL Reporter: "It was the same M.O. that Tim says he saw for himself...the sasquatch going after his dogs."
Tim Peeler: "I come out here and rough talked him and run him off."
WRAL Reporter: "Got him to leave, called 911, then the creature came back."
Tim Peeler: "I said get away from here...git...git and he went right back at that path again."
WRAL Reporter: "Deputies filed a suspicious persons report and Tim is still recalling details."
Tim Peeler: "He looked like he has six fingers on each hand."
WRAL Reporter: "But even though sworn to serve and protect..."
Sgt Mark Self: "This is just totally uh, blowing my mind that its even brought back up."
WRAL Reporter: "...are left manning up, at least for the cameras."
Sgt Mark Self: "Doesn't bother me now, I don't think there is anything out there."

Thank you Kim Gray for showing me this, one of the most culturally and spiritually imperative videos of all time.