Monday, September 13, 2010

musicSPARK Saturday - We Play at 12:30 PM

On Saturday Sept 18th (that is this mother flippin saturday y'all) we have the honor of performing at musicSPARK. musicSPARK is the music portion of the broader SPARKcon arts festival happening in downtown Raleigh this weekend. It is four days of art, music, dance, film, fashion, etc, etc in the City Plaza - Fayetteville Street area. We will perform on the Hargett Street Stage in front of The Raleigh Times bar at 12:30 PM (that's in the early afternoon, think lunch time.) The Raleigh Downtowner has a great article 'splaining what SPARKcon is. the musicSPARK...poster.....

musicSPARK concert poster

there are a lot of our friends on this list. those we have played with before: The Knock Out Roses (debut house party) DJ Haekmatic (spinning jams after one of our sets) Gray Byrd (at The Cave on a cold rainy Monday night in October last year) MicSavvy (cause once he spit some hot juice on the mic during one of our shows at The Black Flower. guys, MicSavvy is as smooth as 21 year old scotch, watch his set please) Once and Future Kings (most under-rated band in Raleigh) and The Sinful Savage Tigers (with whom we have the closest thing to a musician coop without there being actual cooperation on anything).