Thursday, September 23, 2010

what you don't know about jim

Baddy One Shoe Pedals

jim hand builds and decorates guitar effects pedals, they are beautoful. his brand is Baddy One Shoe Pedals. jim's own pedal board looks like christmas at a candy store and john has a few on his pedal board also. i play an acoustic guitar with no effects pedals at all so during rehearsals when they are chatting it up about pedals i just sit in the corner with a jealous stare. no longer just building pedals for our own band, jim has begun to mass produce them (about one per week?) and offer them for retail sale on via his blog Baddy One Shoe Pedals. anything jim makes comes highly recommended from me, the drive pedals have a rich, grumbling, thick, analog current. they put tone into the signal opposed to thinning it out like cheap shit pedals you get from the big box pushers.