Thursday, October 28, 2010

Townes Van Zandt Covers (notes to self)

Our Mother The Mountain - number one pick

waitin around to die - THIS IS MY STYLE

cowboy junkies lament - what ever i do, do this one

Tecumseh Valley - like it, not sure why

lungs - maybe

I'll Be Here In The Morning - has a nice chord progression, hits an E and drives.

tower song, seemed to have nice metaphorical quality

rex's blues - nice metaphorical song

St. John The Gambler - might be a neat feedback song, strum once and shake first and sing?

Fare Thee Well, Miss Carousel - has a great chorus that would rip...verse is soft, chorus would be monstrous

Rake - another great metaphor song, long and stretched,...a def maybe

sixteen summers, fifteen falls - interesting, has an interesting back beat that might work well with elec guitar