Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Show Announcement: March 15 at The Cave with Slingshot Cash

hyped cause we got one booked with Slingshot Cash in March. Slingshot is a rough neck americana roots outfit fronted by Mr. Charisma, Jon Ackley. We both came up with the idea of this show at the exact same time after sharing the stage Jan 1 at Nightlight for the Townes Van Zandt - Hank Williams tribute. I was talking The Station, Jon was talking The Cave...The Cave it is...neato. Booked for Tuesday March 15th at 10 PM.

It'll be just the two bands on the bill,...The Cave typically has an early act that starts at 8 PM also though so if you are looking for a marathon get there right after work.

P.S. check out our latest profile on bandcamp: Effingham on

then check out Sufjan Stevens and recognize how well I ripped them the fuck off