Thursday, December 8, 2011

Townes Van Zandt Covers

RIP Townes Van Zandt
tearing it up at rehearsal lately...getting ready for the Townes/Hank Williams tribute show at Nightlight on jan 1. (you know that's when both of them passed.) Effingham is doing a full set of Townes...three songs, more tears. here are scratch tracks of the songs we're playing at the show. ackley took these on his four-track during rehearsal this week. we're ready!

Our Mother The Mountain (Effingham Cover)

Farewell Thee, Miss Carousel (Effingham Cover)

Cowboy Junkies Lament (Effingham Cover)

the Townes/Hank Williams tribute will be at Nightlight on Jan 1 at 9 PM. $5 cover. confirmed acts thus far:

Anna Rose Beck
Christopher Jones
Josh Moore

no playing order yet, but doors open at 9 pm and that's when you should be there!