Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lucidity Vol 1 - Manifest in Orange

Saturday night at Black Flower in Raleigh will be ruckus, Bri is right. Chris Bryant with Lions a Lunchtime and I have a slew of shared friends and it would appear they are ALL coming out, this is going to be a mad good time. The Sinful Savage Tigers will go on an 8:00 and a little birdie told me they have new songs. We'll play around 9:30 and Lions play last.

I'm playing a solo show at The Soapbox in Wilmington Friday night too....going get electric on that shizz.

Now for the first installment of my short story Lucidity:

Lucidity Vol 1
Manifest in Orange

She was all four elements. She felt the current of the Blue who kept to themselves, mostly, stoically perched behind walls of cannons and pill boxes that made up the washed out beach landing they had dug into. She had a fleeting understanding of the green who were deft and seething, rarely seen, and only known by their score going up like the counter on a pinball machine in a dime arcade that spit out body bags instead prize tickets. She held a sister's pity and sorrow for the lost boys of the Red who wore their colors just like they wore their blood, on their clothes. Red was the fire storm of bullets that made the coliseum a maelstrom of death and terror. A blood blinded army of robots who accepted every abominable appearance of the coliseum as if they had been programmed to shoot first, die later, and be happy doing either. Then there was Orange, whose burnt hue she found painted, bleached, and painted again upon the steel of her side arm and the body armor on her chest. Why she manifested as Orange when she could reach into her pocket and pull forth dust from each element was a subliminal curiosity, her reality was a burning desire to shoot and kill anything that moved.

Nameless and distraught of purpose, she was the lowest of ranks found in combat there, a scrub, a noob, a dog. Yet she killed at will gaining less than a scratch beneath a fire bath of bullets which she would welcome like a bank teller taking tears of anger and exchanging them for heart break and loss. Dissonance was painted upon every face she encountered whether it be a foot soldier, warrior, field marshal, or the ultra deadly morph who were god like warriors crafted from a single piece of their element and placed in the coliseum to defy science of war and maintain parity of battle. Her first encounter with a morph was surreal. It was a red morph charging through the center corridor of the coliseum ground level while Orange soldiers threw themselves upon it like salmon attacking a grizzly bear. Her first impression of it was thought and form. Its enhanced humanoid form looked like a body builder in a smooth red plastic suit. Its human face was shrouded with a steel visor hiding its eyes and showing only an expressionless face liken to a man reading the morning paper, an image which contrasted immensely from the roar of explosives rockets and mini gun fire which surrounded it. She unloaded and reloaded repeatedly until the barrel of her orange painted hand gun was glowing red hot and jammed at which point she just threw it down and started screaming at the morph to turn towards her, look at her, shoot at her, anything but ignore her, not being part of the battle was the sharpest pain she could feel. She felt like she was in a glass box unable to advance, the battle raged past and onto upper levels of the coliseum leaving her tense and fighting away feelings of helplessness. She did not know who she was or why she was there and the over whelming emotions that drew from both her darkness of time and place as well as desire for destruction battled more intensely within her heart than did the war that was raging all around her. With a sigh she rubbed away the tension in her face with her left hand, and picked up a gun with her right.

Check back soon for Lucidity Vol 2 – Hurts to Stand Still