Friday, January 8, 2010

Printed and Matted Concert Posters for Sale Tomorrow at Black Flower


Here's a quick shot of what Brianna's poster looks like printed and matted. I printed these with a photo printer on 140 lb water color paper, turned out nice. Selling them for $10 at the merch stand tomorrow at Black Flower. I made 10.

Line-up tomorrow:

8:00 PM: Sinful Savage Tigers (Americana) Super tight string trio with a calm surface and deep, fast, elegant and haunting undercurrents.

9:30 PM: Jeremy Blair From Effingham (Folk Rock) Four-piece acoustic and electric folk rock band. John plays C D G on his tele and Jeremy sings about fucked up situations he has been in and stupid shit he has done.

11:00 Lions at Lunchtime (Indie Rock) This is what Chris Martin had in mind when he decided he wanted to sing falsettos.

free show, bring friends. 517 W Peace St Raleigh, NC.

On my way to The Soapbox in Wilmington for a solo show tonight
Playing with Wilmington super folk band Charlie the Horse. I go on sometime after 9 PM and when I do I'm going to warm up the tubes on this DeVille and burn a reminder into my ears as to why I love rock and roll.