Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lucidity Vol 2 - Hurts To Stand Still

This Friday Feb 12 at Broad Street Cafe in Durham; Sequoya at 10 PM and Jeremy Blair From Effingham at 11 PM.

Jeremy has known Bonnie and Matthew since an open mic at The Pour House eight years ago, Friday they share the stage for the first time since then. Bonnie will take the stage with JBFE for two songs, one being a duet of "I Do and I Don't" needless to say we are excited about this show.

Come out to Broad Street's early show at 8 PM to hang with us and listen to The Unknown Spencer Scholes.

Now for Part 2 of my short story Lucidity
read: Lucidity Vol 1 - Manifest in Orange

The Orange encampment was a dirt lot enclosed on the front and sides with a reinforced steel wall as deep as two men standing straight and as tall as four. If walking the top of this wall, a man would have to step over a 6000 round per minute rotary firing mini-gun with every step and a crystalline fueled anti-troop particle cannon every third step. Atop the wide open front gates was an infra-red scanner that sized up friend or foe in a micro second as they approached the gates...ready to unleash just as quickly should the scan read anything other than orange. With all of its glorious armament, the mini-guns had never fired and the particle cannons never sizzled, for not a single blue, red, or green at ever ventured near its walls in attempt to take the fort. This wasn't a war of conquest, it was war for the sake of war, a principal that was sought by every combatant in the field, yet understood by none. A column of Orange returning from the field clogged the main gate opening as she approached after her encounter with the morph. She walked past the troops toward the wall and like a coiled spring being released she leaped effortlessly to the top of the wall which towered above her head. Standing atop the wall she turned, momentarily facing the battle field. Gazing at the distant smoke which streamed up from the coliseum, she nearly broke a tooth grinding her jaws in anger. She hated to lose more than she loved to win and she counted this one as a loss.

With a shuffle she dropped off the wall and landed cat-like on the other side. Marching to the armory building in the back of the lot she stepped through the door and exclaimed to the sergeant there that she had destroyed her side arm trying to take down a red morph. He scowled at her with cold grayed out eyes and hissed through crooked teeth,
"if you would have encountered a morph, then I would be talking to a dead woman right now."
His drunken chuckle tapered off as he glanced at the growing pyramid of stacked bodies in the yard of the orange base. Her envy for the sleek, singular and perfect morph was not in their abilities for even as she had failed in destroying the morph which she had engaged with every mechanic of her offense, she felt no threat, no weakness, and no vulnerability towards it. The dissonance cast her way by every warrior on the field who glanced at her scrub's stripes just before their head was left spinning on the ground was one of trying to determine how a class one scrub fighter could move like a morph. She followed no one and no one followed her. She moved freely between the earth and the sky. The muscles in her legs felt like springs...it actually hurt her to stand still. She couldn't pull the trigger hard enough to get satisfaction. Her envy for the morph was for its calm collected purposeful demeanor. It knew why it was there, she didn't. Her thirst for battle however, would soon lead to hints toward this question's answer. She holstered her side arm and walked to the back corner of the room where lay a massive auto loading machine gun which had been salvaged from the turret of a coliseum pill box and modified for hand-held use by the friendly orange morph.
"I'll take this one."
She stated blankly as she grasped the weapon in one hand and bands of ammo belts with the other. Just as the armory Sergeant began to hiss his objection she leaped through the armory door, over the steel wall, and back to the fray.

The coliseum was a rubble filled water front landing which at at strong pace could be circumnavigated in about forty minutes. On one side was dark calm and vast ocean which disappeared into the horizon. At the Southern end of the beach a bombed out rubble of small shed-like structures stood on the sand. Just beyond this rubble was the steel wall of the Blue encampment. While not all together adventurous, the Blue were fiercely territorial. On the other side of the landing were foot hills growing into cliffs, Red at the northern end and Orange positioned south of there. Green maintained no visible base within the coliseum area. The striking zone was the center, a huge concrete landing with a maze of post-apocalyptic burned out factory buildings which hosted the continual combat between the four elemental groups. On this, her fifth day of conscience, an encounter in the coliseum would give her a clue to her search for purpose.

In a dead sprint flanking the western bank of the coliseum she maneuvered in and out of sub structures with her massive machine gun ablaze with anger. A rapidly dwindling troop of Red were retreating her attack and finding little shelter from the amperage of lead slugs knocking down concrete walls they knelled behind. Rounding the outer wall of a small structure, she dove into an interior hall seeking unsuspecting targets. A glimmering blue figure met her at the threshold and paralyzed her thought, it was a Blue morph and it saw her before she saw it. Committed to the maneuver, she leaped acrobatically and turned horizontal in the air with the orange hued machine gun extending to the blue morph like a pointing arm. The morph symmetrically slid low facing upward to her, but without extending any weapon at all. She grimaced and squeezed the trigger. The muzzle flash washed the hall with blinding white light and the reverberated sound of ricocheting bullets deafened the shriek of battle. Every round she fired hit the morph, none penetrated. The morph's steadfast gaze only looked upon her as if it was expected. The morph suddenly extended a weaponless arm forward, toward the entrance. An Orange warrior rounded the corner to be met with an incinerating blaze of fire and light which emitted from the morph's hand. She landed at the end of the hall and drew her side arm. The morph landed at the other end and began to stand, extending his weaponless arm toward her. With a blinding flash her body was enraptured with a searing energy blast from the arm of the morph, the same energy she had just witnessed evaporate a foot soldier, yet stood straight to spite the blast. Unaware of how or why she was impervious to the morph's attack, yet painfully aware of her rage, she tossed down her machine gun and charged. The morph met her in the center of the hall and she instinctively led with a ferocious teeth rattling head butt. The morph reeled back on his heels and squelched a cry in a tongue she did not understand, but was non unfamiliar with either. Blow for blow she battled hand to hand with the morph for what seemed like an eternity. Without a wound appearing on its frame or a trickle of blood drawing from its face which she repeatedly slammed with the blunt grip of her side arm, she became aware that the being was supernatural, indestructible, and absolute. The hauntingly sweet feeling that mirrored her realization that the morph was immortal was that...so was she.

Check back in March for Lucidity Vol 3 – Mangled and Severed