Thursday, June 10, 2010

Extra Special Picture

JPG_504, originally uploaded by Jeremy Blair from Effingham.

well now i'm just having fun looking through this set of pictures and this one is relevant for today. what you have here is me on left, Daniel Snyder (Gambling the Muse) in the center, and Rich McLaughlin (The Pneurotics) on right. We may or may not have been sober at the time this shot was taken. regardless, its notable because Daniel and Rich have formed an Americana group which is playing tonight at The Station and carrboro. they call it The Magnolia Collective and its an acoustic banjo pickin' guitar strummin' bunch who do covers from each of their own respective bands. "Sandy Brown" s a sweet little ditty with a banjo let me tell you. The Sinful Savage Tigers are head lining and will explain to you that "if a man was meant to fly he wouldn't fuck with patron" ...good that cause The Station serves whiskey and beer. see you there.