Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Put The Pictures You Took on to My Flickr Page

so i'm punching out and me and the guys will jst use flickr for EVERYTHING from here on. i have scoured for an on-line photo program better than flickr and i just damn give up cause there isn't one. thank you everyone? for taking so many pictures of us on stage and playing. documenting is as important? as the actual experience. i made a set on our flickr page called "jeremy blair from effingham" and it has the best ones. this is the addy:

coming up we will be live on WKNC 88.1 "The Local Beat" Friday July 16 at 7PM and our next show is (actually a long ways away) Sept. 9th at The Station at Southern Rail's Americana Revue Night where we will be playing with The Magnolia Collective. more about that re-occurring event here:

yeah, taking a few months out of the schedule to do/done this recording project we keep talking about.