Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fire! Fire! (under my eye lids)

hand full o' damn batteries

Completely sacked after just playing 2702 Lawndale The Layabout, my eye lids sealed shut and the world blacked out before my head even bounced to a landing on the pillow. That was about one-thirty AM and just before my bed apparently entered a space-time rift and flashed into the future three hours because when the FIRE ALARM went off at four-thirty AM I clamored upright still having the same thought in my head as I did three hours earlier..."fuck i am awesomely tired," and it felt like a full zero minutes had passed. Barely maintaining balance on two feet in the thin air of the pre-human morning hours and enveloped with the utterly disorienting darkness of mind, body, and surroundings...a blaring fire alarm has super natural sobering qualities.

Had something actually been on fire I could have called 911 as I tripped my way to a neighbors couch and back to sleep, unfortunately that wasn't the case...smoke alarm batteries were dead and this hell wasn't going to stop until they were swapped. The only comfort was clouded memories of a completely spectacular the show at The Layabout hours before. The Goodnight Loving drew a packed Durham DIY house party house and The Dry Heathens may have reinvented garage rock before our very eyes...scorched, burning, combusted, eyes.