Thursday, July 8, 2010

Vintage Film Grain Settings in Fireworks

i cracked into some vintage film grain settings in fireworks. check this pic i over hauled:

carolina beach el vintage

original completely boring high res:
carolina beach

what you got here is;

adjust color and set the levels to 0 1.5 and 225, this cuts out a lot of color and sends it back in time a few decades.

make the canvas yellow and then make the image just a bit transparent...this is one of my super secret tricks. film makers use this trick to make a film appear sepia, but they use browns and ambers.

set noise to a quality of 3, that's real light, just adds a bit more fuzz to date the image.

gussian blur .9 this is a finishing touch, replicates an old ass camera that couldn't take a clear picture.

last thing to do, go back to the adjust color menu and this time adjust the hue and saturation to 3, 18 and set lightness to negative 5.

i don't speak photoshop but i think you have similar features.